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Vector Fashion Logo
Vector Fashion Logo
The Story

It all began as a consulting business for other apparel manufactures located in Vrancea County, Romania, but after we successfully helped others in achieving great things, we decided that we wanted a more customer oriented approach and a closer relationship with them.

Areas of Expertise

Pattern Creation, 3D Simulation, Collection Development, Consulting


Our goal is to help brands create unique collections, manufactured with care and attention to details, while also maintaining a fair price. In order to fulfill our goal, we developed a series of services that would please any brand, no matter the size

pattern creation services

Pattern Creation

3d fashion design

3D Fashion Design

collection manufacturing

Collection Development

fashion consulting



Contact Me

Our team can't wait to be part of your fashion brand's successful story, so if you think that our skills and our customer first approach is the right fit for you and your brand, please contact us and we will be happy to listen your story and help you with our expertise and with quality products.

Road DJ204D

Focsani, Vrancea,Romania


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